Diagnosable Filter System

Ensures clean lubricant: The diagnostic filter system WFSD-01 retains impurities in the lubricant and additionally monitors various process values for you.

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Diagnosefähiges Filtersystem


  • Continuous monitoring of filter contamination and the following process values: inlet / outlet pressure, hour counter of the filter cartridge and medium temperature
  • Integrated display for setup and status indication
  • Freely configurable digital outputs for indication of threshold violations of selected process parameters
  • Field bus connection for access of all available process and status values
  • Robust filter cartridge design for high differential pressures
  • Integrated vent screw for device venting after exchanging a filter cartridge

Technical Information

Supply voltage [VDC]
Dimensions [mm]
152 x 80 x 82
Weight [g]
Medium pressure [bar]
min. 10 – max. 200
Digital Outputs [VDC]
4 x 24
Filter cartridges [μm] mesh size
150 > WZF-150-01
300 > WZF-300-01
500 > WZF-500-01

Small contaminations inside the lubricant can be retained by the diagnosable Filter System. Due to the integrated electronics the Diagnosable Filter System is able to monitor the contamination of it’s filter cartridge and signals over-/understepping of configurable limit.

As a result of this the machine downtimes will be reduced and the system availability will be increased. Due to this “predictive maintenance” the exchange of a filter cartridge becomes predictable and can be executed in the context of general maintenance work.

Additionally, the following process values are monitored: inlet and outlet pressure, hour counter of the filter cartridge, medium temperature. For all of these values, digital alarm outputs can be set to monitor the process. In doing so every over- and/or understepping of a freely configured threshold will be notified.

Password protection prevents from unauthorized access to the device settings. An integrated vent screw can be used to vent the device after exchanging a filter cartridge.