For greases, oils and many other media


We are system providers, selecting the optimal Dosing and Application Technology for your product.

Your focus is on saving material and optimizing production or assembly processes? Our task is to apply your media to your product with pinpoint accuracy and precise quantity control. Walther Systemtechnik GmbH, as a medium-sized business, is your competent partner in the fields of Dosing, Spraying and Pulsing of fluid and pasty media. We process the following media: oils, greases (industrial and food sector), adhesives, paints, preservatives, silicones, release agents, acids, primer. We are very intensely involved with manual as well as automatic antifriction coating systems that are used e.g. in the automotive sector for noise reduction.

We are system providers, selecting the optimal Dosing and Application Technology for your product. Beginning with the gentle conveying of the medium, we offer various possibilities for transporting your medium via feed pumps, grease containers, cartridge systems or with pressure containers (for fluids). Devices for mixing, filtering and controlling are also available. We offer different types of application technologies: adjustable volume dosing via chamber valves, pneumatic spraying and contactless pulsing. There are handheld versions and solutions that can be integrated in automatic installations in all sectors. Process safety is also an issue for us. By checking the application results via sensor systems, pressure controls and flow meters, we are able to guarantee a smooth production process.



You have the posibillity to watch many video examples for our dosing and application systems.  Take a little time it can be worthwhile for you!

45⁰ pulsing onto components

Using special valve due to restricted space

360⁰ inside spraying of grease

360⁰ nozzle extension during application

Manual application of anti-creak lacquer

Manual device for the application of media

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We are at MOTEK

From 08. till 11. October 2018 we are at MOTEK, the International trade fair for automation in production and assembly in Stuttgart. Come and see us at our booth in hall 3, booth number 3211. We are happy to welcome you there!

We welcome Kai Linnenbröker in our Team

We are glad to welcome another member of staff, Kai Linnenbröker.

Mr. Linnenbröker is taking care of our customers in Rhineland-Palantine, the Saarland and the southern part of NRW.


Welcome Kai Linnenbröker!



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